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PetDesk allows you to Request Appointments, Access Vaccines History, View Bloodwork Results, Accumulate Rewards, Receive Reminders, View Purchase History, Refill Medications and Link Vaccine History to Boarders &Goomers. Effortlessly manage your pet’s health all in one place!

Free App
Download the PetDesk App for Android or Apple completely free.

24/7 Appointment Requests
You can request an appointment anywhere, anytime, with any provider.

One App for All
Add your vet, groomer, boarder, and all your pets too.

Rewards Program
Start earning 2 Paw Points per dollar, unlocking rewards to use at our clinic! Talk with staff for more information on this program.

Pet History
We keep your appointment, vaccination, and medication history.

Appointment Reminders
Get them through the app, text, or email. Avoid those no show fees.

Calendar Integration
Appointments and reminders are put on your phone’s calendar.

Take notes to remember everything you want to ask next visit.

Other Reminders
You can set medication reminders, repeating treatments, or anything else you need to take care of your pet.

Save photos to remember your favorite haircut or to document a problem.

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