We are now carrying:

• 98% Aloe Vera Leaf Gelly
• K-9 Aloe Treats

Heartworm/Flea/Tick Prevention Specials

Academy Pet Hospital carries a variety of parasite prevention options for your pets at competitive prices. The products include laboratory tested and approved Simparica, Frontline, Revolution and injectable Proheart.

Flea and tick control used to only be available in topical applications applied to the skin but we now have Simperica which is a chewable treat lasting 30 days, with a wide safety index.

Heart worm prevention was at one time only available in monthly chewables or topicals but Academy Pet Hospital now offers Proheart which is a safe injectable that lasts for 6 months, reducing the risk of missing doses.

Special: We have various rebates for pet owners who buy multiple months of preventatives for their pets, up to $50 in rebate. Call us to see how you can save money.

ProHeart6 Injectable Heartworm Prevention*

Academy Pet Hospital offers 6-month injectable heartworm protection, known as ProHeart6.

Special: Proheart6 6 month injection is offered at a reduced price at Academy Pet Hospital compared to many veterinary practices in town, making it now more affordable than 6 months of oral HeartGard.

Keeping up with the once-monthly dosage can be challenging, even for the most well-intentioned and conscientious owners. Did you know only 51% of pet owners successfully follow their veterinarian’s recommended heartworm preventative regimen, and missed or delayed doses puts your dog at risk for heartworm disease.

1. Do you ever find “leftover” heartworm pills?
2. Most heartworm prevantatives must be given monthly to remain effective. Have you ever accidentally been late in administering your dog’s heartworm medication?
3. Have you ever missed a dose completely?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, you and your dog might benefit from ProHeart 6—continuous heartworm protection for a full 6 months with just one dose.

Must have had examination within the last year as well as a current negative heartworm test. Please call APH for more details.

Harrison’s Wednesdays 15% off

Special: The first Wednesday of every month receive 15% off all Harrison’s bird food and products. Please call 2-3 weeks ahead to make sure we have your products in stock.