Senior Dog CareHere at Academy Pet Hospital, we are proud to assist you in caring for your senior dog. We are happy to help patients in Albuquerque, NM and the surrounding communities.

As your dog ages, you will notice that some of the things he or she used to love are not as much fun for your dog anymore. He or she will have less energy and can become sick. With that being said, we understand that your furry friend has become a family member and you would do almost anything for him or her.

There are many things that you, as the owner, can do to assist your dog as he or she ages. First, make sure that you are scheduling regular visits to your veterinarian. If your dog is sick, you may not actually notice. If you bring your dog in for regular appointments, we may be able to catch something before it becomes serious. This will allow us to start treatment right away.

You will also want to make sure that your dog is not putting on more weight than he or she should. Use senior dog food to assist in helping your pet keep an ideal weight. Make sure that you continue to take your dog out for plenty of walks. This will help with any joint pain that he or she may be experiencing.

Our entire staff is dedicated to the health of your pet. We understand how painful it can be to see your dog sick. We are here for your every step of the way, even if you just need someone to talk to. If you ever have any questions, we are always happy to answer them.

If you have any questions about caring for your senior dog, contact us today at (505) 822-0255.