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Not Just ltchy… Possibly Deadly

A single dog can be bitten more than 80 times by mosquitoes in a single evening. It takes only one mosquito to transmit a heartworm infection from one heartworm-infected dog to another dog in the community.

Mosquitoes can reproduce wherever there is as little as one inch of standing water, including poorly maintained water bowls and baby pools for dogs.

Female mosquitoes must feed on blood several times in order to lay eggs. Each one can lay several hundred eggs.

Encourage clients to eliminate breeding grounds and
use repellents themselves to keep mosquitoes away
from the whole family.

People want to be outside with their dogs. They
want to enjoy nice weather, and preventing mosquito
bites makes everyone happier, more comfortable,
and in the case of heartworm prevention in dogs,
healthier too.

Environmental management to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds in typical backyards include these strategies:

– Empty, wash, and refill outdoor water bowls daily to remove any mosquito eggs before they hatch (typically in 24-48 hours after being laid)

– Empty and turn over baby pools, bird baths, and yard items, such as buckets, when not in use.

– Resolve any landscaping areas where water from sprinklers or rain can pool

– Keep screens on any open windows and doors

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American Heartworm Society, (n.d.) Heartworm Basics. Retrieved July 20, 2016 from pet-owner-resources/heartworm-basics

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