Academy Pet Hospital has numerous policies to help us reduce, reuse and recycle. We care about our environment tremendously and are setting forth a precedent for future generations including our fur-babies!

Here are some things we do at Academy Pet Hospital to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Use a recycle bin for 90% of our recyclable waste.
  • Require double-sided printing and print on scrap paper whenever possible.
  • Use digital radiography instead of conventional film X-rays.
  • Use electronic medical records instead of file folders and paper forms.
  • We use 100% recycled copy paper, ordered from a local vender.
  • Offer email receipts and email handouts. We only print items when needed.
  • Lab results are viewable on our PetDesk App and have an option to be emailed.
  • Use washable coffee mugs.
  • Towels are used for our tables reducing materials used and making the animal comfortable during there visit.
  • Use the Internet is used for marketing and advertising.
  • Use our website to distribute information to our clients.
  • Recycle everything we can, including used paper, plastics, cardboard and printing cartridge.
  • Use landscaping plants that are mostly native and drought-resistant.
  • Use low-flow drip system for landscaping.

Suggestions are always welcome to help us with our Green Initiative here at Academy Pet Hospital!