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Dog Park Safety

A spring day spent at the dog park is one of life’s simple joys. While dogs want to let loose with all their pals, it’s important that you help your clients understand the risks of a trip to the dog park. Learn more about dog park safety and make sure to recommend these helpful tips to your clients to keep their dogs safe and make their experience safe and enjoyable.


Please follow Park Rules and Regulations

A big playful pup can seriously injure a smaller dog by accident. Many dog parks have large and small dog areas—it’s important you urge your clients to adhere to these recommendations.


Monitor for inappropriate behavior.

The mood can shift at the dog park very quickly. To prevent bad behavior before it escalates, advise your clients to watch for changes in body positioning or posture. It’s crucial to know that these changes can be signs of dominance which can lead to doggie disagreements.


Ensure your clients are well prepared.

Suggest they bring plenty of water to keep their pooch hydrated. It is also imperative your client’s pets are wearing a collar and ID tags and their vaccinations are up to date. Don’t forget they keep an eye on entry gates!

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