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An alternative to Dr. Google?

John Dillon would love to help you solve your Dr. Google problem.

His premise? GuardianVets keeps pet owners from Googling medical questions, asking their friends on Facebook or taking anecdotal advice from their uncle. Instead, Dillon says, with his service, pet owners speak to a licensed professional who can determine whether it’s an emergency instead of having clients diagnose their pets alone at home.

“The industry can chastise Dr. Google all we want, but we need to offer an alternative,” Dillon says. “With this service we’re saying that for any medical issue, you need to call your doctor. Veterinarians don’t often think about how many customer touchpoints they have per month. When you post something on social media, how do you measure its success? It’s engagement. It’s a relationship. It’s talking.”

Dillon maintains that when practices use GuardianVets services, client engagement goes up, which translates into more appointments. “Not just existing clients but new clients because you’re advertising as being available after hours,” Dillon says. “That’s the power of being there for clients when they want it.”

dvm360 / January 2018

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